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Concrete from Seamless-Stone

Seamless-Stone specialises in handcrafted polished concrete worktops, concrete furniture and decorative concrete objects. We are in the New Forest and supply throughout the UK, We also produce work that combines concrete with steel and wood.

We make things of value and beauty, individually. Choosing to work by hand forces us to be proud of what we make. Or strive till we achieve that pride.  We hope this is why our work is worthwhile for both us and you. The workshop creates everything on commission, requiring trust between craftsman and customer.

designing concrete worktops

Go to these links to have a look at our gallery page for inspiration from some of our other past projects:

polished concrete kitchens outdoor kitchens basins commercial furniture

Typically, a prospective customer will have had a thought about making a concrete worktop, table, or outside bench and so would like to find out more. Then we may exchange photographs from our gallery or third-party magazines to provide a direction for a design idea. Sketches and samples would usually follow, and a pricing quotation. There is further precision on size, shape, texture and colour leading to the project’s start. A site visit is not unusual.

Here is a collection of other people’s work, which we have been inspired by. Perhaps you might be, and then you can commission us to make something just for you.


The first stage in the physical manifestation of your project is usually making a mould for our polished concrete. Flat planar moulds with vertical edges for kitchen worktops, fibreglass and silicone moulds for basins and water features, steel moulds for large outdoor projects. Our team makes each mould with precision and thought. They need to withstand large hydrostatic pressures and thus support engineering elements as well as provide the appropriate surface for the finished concrete.

fabricating concrete worktops

Each project requires a specific concrete mix, individually made for each project. Therefore, we use sophisticated recipes of ultra-high-performance cements, pozzolans, polymers and fibres. We also pigment our concretes so that we match the colour choices of our customers. There is also a selection of specifically graded sands and aggregates to allow us to optimise strength in the thin slabs of concrete we typically make. We weigh, measure and test everything – think skyscraper cladding, not garage floor concrete.